Dept of Business Economics - Seminar Series '96-'97

David Alexander, U Hull, 24.10.96 
"A benchmark for the adequacy of audited financial statements: an international perspective?"

Geir Asheim, U Oslo, 27.11.96	
"Admissability and common knowledge"

Herve Cres, U Penn and U Kobenhavn, 10.03.97
"On symmetric individual risks"

Magnus Dahlquist, SSE, 30.10.96
"Performance evaluation using stochastic discount factors"

Paul De Grauwe, KU Leuven, 06.11.96
"The design of the European central bank"

Tore Ellingsen, SSE, 05.03.97
"The evolution of bargaining behavior"

Clive Emmanuel, U Glasgow, 20.11.96
"Superior manager tolerance to dysfunctional behaviour: a test"

Mark Flannery, U Florida, 09.10.96
"Scheduled macroeconomic announcements and security returns"

Luis Gomez-Mejia, Carlos III and Arizona State U, and David Balkin, U Colorado, 15.05.97
"An agency theory perspective of faculty pay"

Jo Anna Gray, U Oregon, 26.02.97
"Financial variables do not predict real activity"

Birgit Grodal, U Kobenhavn, 30.01.97
"Clubs and the market"

Erik Grønn, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 16.06.97	
"Why the irreversibility of nuclear power should stop investments in nuclear plants?

Ketil Hviding, OECD, 23.04.97
"Exchange rate behaviour under inflation targets: the Canadian and New Zealand experiences"

Arne Jon Isachsen, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 12.12.96
"Norway and the Euro"

Arne Jon Isachsen, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 04.06.97
"Norwegian Krone OUT - Euro IN ?  Some thoughts on Norwegian participation in EMU"

Ray King, U Oregon and BI - Norwegian School of Management, 02.10.96
"Accounting write-offs and earnings management"

Pål Korsvold, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 02.04.97
"Taxes, tariffs and transfer pricing in multinational firms"

John Christian Langli and Ray King, BI - Norwegian School of Management and U Oregon, 06.05.97	
"Residual income multinational models"

Solveig Lothe, NLH, 22.10.96
"Environmental countervailing tariffs"

Roni Michaely, Cornell U, 18.06.97
"Do changes in dividends signal the future or the past"

Todd Milbourn, London Business School, 16.04.97
"Intrafirm tournaments, failure aversion, and cycle time in capital budgeting" 

Leonard Mirman, U Virginia at Charlottsville, 13.09.96
"Dynamic externalities and policy coordination"

Kim Nummelin, SHH, 07.05.97
"World capital markets and Finnish stock returns"

Steven Ongena, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 12.12.96
"Monetary innovations and unemployment in Norway"

Robert Parrino,	U Texas at Austin and U Chicago, 29.01.97
"On the magnitude of stockholder-bondholder conflicts"

Jukka Pellinen, Jyväskylä, 22.01.97
"Accounting and the Construction of New Organizational Reality"

Kathleen Petrie, U Indiana, 19.02.97
"The impact of informed trading on dividend signaling"

Richard Priestley, Brunel U, 25.02.97
"Expected returns, risk, and the integration of the international bond market"

Patrik Sandås, Carnegie Mellon U, 04.09.96
"An empirical analysis of a pure limit order market"

Mark Shackelton, London Business School and Oxford U, 20.02.97
"The risk premium in the electricity price rate"

David C. Smith and Steven Ongena, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 05.12.96
"Empirical evidence on the duration of bank relationships"

Kjetil Storesletten, IIES, 16.10.96
"Persistent idiosyncratic shocks and incomplete markets"

Per Strømberg, U of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon U, 09.04.97
"Conflicts of interest and market illiquidity in bankruptcy auctions: theory and tests"

Matti Suominen, U Penn, 20.01.97
"Trading Volume and Information Revelation in Stock Markets"

Frank Thingaard, Århus Business School, 21.05.97
"Financial Accounting for Derivates"

Mich Tvede, U Copenhagen, 26.05.97
"Multiplicity of equilibria in Arrow-Debreu models"

Lise Vesterlund, U Wisconsin, 12.02.97
"The effects of risk aversion on job matching: can differences in risk aversion explain the wage gap?"

Klaus Wallner, Columbia U, 05.01.97
"Sequential moves and tacit collusion: reaction-function cycles in a finite pricing duopoly"

Fredik Wulfsburg, U Oslo, 18.09.96
"Do progressive taxes reduce wage pressure?"

Bjarne Ytterhus, BI - Norwegian School of Management, 25.09.96
"Subsidies and their environmental impact"