Seminar Series 1997 - 1998



Day	Date	Hour		Speaker			Affiliation

FR	AUG 29	11.00		Ulf Johanson		Stockholm U
Evaluating the importance of intangibles

TH	SEP 04	14.00		Jan Fredrik Qvigstad	Norges Bank and BI - Norwegian School of Management
The petroleum fund

WE	SEP 10	14.30		Daniel Tyteca		UC Louvain
Sustainable performance indicators

WE	SEP 17	14.00		Bent Vale		Norges Bank and BI - Norwegian School of Management
Branch banking in dynamic oligopoly

WE	SEP 24	14.00		Karl Snow		Brigham Young U
Abnormal returns, market efficiency, and the misspecification of the risk discounting measure

WE	OCT 01	14.00		Kristian Rydqvist	BI - Norwegian School of Management
Exday behavior of lottery bonds

WE	OCT 08	14.00		Rajna Gibson		U Lausanne
Are investors sensitive to the quality and the disclosure of financial statements

WE	OCT 22	14.00		Jiang  Wang		MIT
Trading volume: definitions, data analysis, and implications of portfolio theory

WE	OCT 29	14.00		Charles Kahn		U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
On the role of bank coalitions in the provision of liquidity

WE	NOV 05	14.00		Karin Thorburn		Stockholm School of Economics
Cash auction bankruptcy: costs recovery rates and auction premiums

WE	NOV 12	14.00		Carsten Sørensen	Copenhagen Business School
The dynamics of bond yields and the stock index - with an empirical application to the UK stock and bond market

MO	NOV 17	14.00		Arnoud Boot		U Amsterdam
Can relationship banking survive competition?

WE	NOV 26	14.00		Robert  Battalio	Notre Dame
A comparison of equity limit order execution quality across trading venues

WE	DEC 03	14.00		Chris James		U Florida
Bank lending and the menu of financing options

WE	DEC 10	14.00		Ulf Olsson		BI - Norwegian School of Management
Theretic fit and empirical fit: the performance of MLE vs GLSE in structural equation models

WE	DEC 17	14.00		Jan Ericsson		UC Louvain
Asset substitution, debt pricing, optimal leverage and maturity

WE	JAN 14	14.00		Erik Grønn		BI - Norwegian School of Management
Is research and publishing a winning strategy in academic institutions?

WE	JAN 21	14.00		Jean-Pierre Zigrand	U Chicago	
Arbitrage and endogenous market integration

WE	JAN 28	14.00		Anjolein  Schmeits	U Amsterdam and Washington U
Discretion in Bank Contracts and the Firm’s Funding Source Choice between Bank and Financial Market Financing

WE	FEB 4	14.00		Jan Mahrt-Smith		MIT
The Interaction of Capital Structure and Ownership Dispersion

WE	FEB 11	14.00		Frans de Roon		Erasmus U
Essays on Testing for Spanning and on Modelling Futures Risk Premia

WE	FEB 18	14.00		Steven Ongena		BI - Norwegian School of Management
What Determines the Number of Bank Relationships? Cross-Country Empirical Evidence

WE	FEB 25	14.00		Kjell  Nyborg		London Business School
On complicity in share auctions

WE	MAR 04	14.00		Pierluigi Balduzzi	New York University
Economic News and the Yield Curve: Evidence from the U.S. Treasury Market

FR	MAR 06	13.00		Arne Fagerström		U Gothenburg
Foreign subsidiaries in consolidation

WE	MAR 11	14.00		Oyvind Nørli		BI - Norwegian School of Management
Conditional long-run performance following security issue announcements

WE	MAR 18	14.00		Paolo Fulghieri		INSEAD
Optimal Disclosure and Litigation Rules Around New Equity Issues

WE	MAR 25	14.00		Bill Megginson		U Georgia
The Long Term Return to Investors in Share Issue Privatizations

WE	APR 01	14.00		Bennett McCallum	Carnegie-Mellon U
Minimal State Variable and Other Criteria for Selection of a Focal Solution in Rational Expectations Models

WE	APR 15	14.00		Jennifer Conrad		U North Carolina
Institutional Trading and Soft Dollars

WE	APR 22	14.00		Jay Ritter		U Florida
Biases in Long-Run Performance

WE	MAY 06	14.00		Jeremy Stein		MIT
Bad news travels slowly: size, analyst coverage and the profitability of momentum strategies
A unified theory of underreaction, momemtum trading, and overreaction in asset markets

WE	MAY 13	14.00		Kate Campbell		U Connecticut and BI - Norwegian School of Management
Implicit contract implications for valuation of postretirement benefit obligations

TH	MAY 14	14.00		Eddy Vaasen		U Amsterdam
Audit experience, consensus and the use of decision aids in assessing the quality of internal control descriptions

WE	MAY 20	14.00		Loretta Mester		Wharton and FRB Philadelphia
Why is the banking sector shrinking? Core deposits and relationship lending

WE	MAY 27	14.00		Richard Priestley	BI - Norwegian School of Management
Modelling the Dividend Behavior of the Aggregate Stock Market

TH	MAY 28	10.30		Sven Modell		U Karlstad
Management control in services - a process view

WE	JUN 10	14.00		Doug Diamond		U Chicago
Liquidity risk, liquidity creation and financial fragility: A theory of banking

FR	JUN 12	10.00		Finn Kydland		Carnegie Mellon U
Monetary aggregates and output

WE	JUN 17	14.00		Tom Sørensen		NMH
Strategisk analyse av konkurrentforetaks årsoppjor

WE	JUN 24	14.00		David Balkin		U Colorado
The Determinants of Team Rewards in Entrepreneurial Firms