Department of Financial Economics
Seminar Schedule
Winter/Spring 2001

All seminars take place Wednesdays 10am in Auditorium 2 unless otherwise indicated

January 17         James Angel, Georgetown University
                         "Market-Adjusted Options for Executive Compensation"

January 24        Cesare Robotti, Boston College
                        "Dynamic Strategies, Asset Pricing Models,
                        and the Out-of-Sample Performance of the Tangency Portfolio"

January 26*      Mitchell Petersen, Kellogg Graduate School of Management
13-14:30          "Does Distance Still Matter: The Information Revolution in Small Business Lending"

January 30        Rainer Kiefer, London Business School
                        "Wealth Transfers during Distressed Equity Issues"

March 7            Mattias Nilsson, Stockholm School of Economics
                         "The Choice Between Rights Offerings and Private Equity Placements"

March 14          Matti Suominen, INSEAD and McKinsey Co.
                         "Industry Equilibrium with Outside Financing and Moral Hazard"

March 21          Diderik Lund, University of Oslo
                        "Taxation, Uncertainty, and the Cost of Equity for a Multinational Firm"

April   4            Sylvain Friederich, London School of Economics
                       "Competition Between Equity Markets: Evidence from Dually-Traded French Stocks"

April 25           Fernando Zapatero, Marshall School of Business, USC
                       "Executive Stock Options with Effort Disutility and Choice of Volatility"

May 2             Kristian Miltersen, Odense University
                        "Dynamic Capital Structure with Callable Debt and Debt Renegotiations "

May 9            Kjell Nyborg, London Business School
                        "Financing and Corporate Growth under Repeated Moral Hazard"

May 16           Carlo Favero, Bocconi University (IGIER) ** CANCELLED **

June 13             Helene Rey, Princeton University
                        "The Determinants of Cross Border Equity Flows."

April 30
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