Seminar Schedule

of the Department of Financial Economics



January 20 Jan Ericsson, Catholic University of Louvain
"Debt Restructuring, Investment Incentives and Capital Structure"
January 29 Andrew Ellul, London School of Economics and Political Science
"Inter-market Price and Volatility Impacts Generated by Large Trades: The Case of European Cross-Quoted Securities"
February 3 Richard Priestley, Norwegian School of Management
"EMU and European Stock Market Integration"
February 17 Vassil Konstantinov, Harvard University
"Fed Funds Rate Targeting, Monetary Regimes and the Term Structure of Interbank Rates"
February 23 Robert F. Bruner, University of Virginia Darden School 
Case Discussion Leadership
March 10 Ernst Maug, Duke University
"Insider Trading Legislation and Corporate Governance"
March 17 Tore Leite, Molde College
"Equilibrium Overpricing and Underpricing in Initial Public Offerings"
March 22 Juan-Pedro Gomez, Centro de Investigacion Economica, ITAM and Universidad Carlos III
"Asset Pricing Implications of Benchmarking: A Two-Factor CAPM"
March 16 Sergei Sarkissian, University of Washington
"Heterogeneous Consumption and Asset Pricing in Global Financial Markets"
April 14 Shmual Kandel, Tel Aviv University/ Wharton School
"Real and Nominal Effects of Central Bank Monetary Policy"
May 5 Richard C. Stapleton, Lancaster University
"A Two-factor Lognormal Model of the Term Structure and the Valuation of American-Style Options on Bonds"
May 12 Eirik Gaard Kristiansen, Norges Bank
"Implicit and Explicit Incentives in Fund Management"
May 26 Paul A. Gompers, Harvard Business School
"An Analysis of Executive Compensation, Ownership, and Control in Closely Held Firms"
June 2 Sudipto Bhattacharya, London School of Economics
"The Debt Hangover: Renegotiation with Noncontractible Investment"
June 9 Raghuram G. Rajan, University of Chicago and NBER
"What Determines Firm Size?"
June 17 Peter Bossaerts, California Institute of Technology
"Basic Principles of Asset Pricing Theory: Evidence from Large-Scale Experimental Financial Markets"
August 30 Werner de Bondt, Wisconsin University
"Behavioral Finance"
September 15 Oded Sarig, Tel Aviv University
"Risk, Returns, and Values in the Presence of Differential Taxation"
September 29 Matti Keloharju, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
"What Makes Investors Trade?"
October 20 Wayne Ferson, University of Washington School of Business Administration
"Performance Evaluation with Stochastic Discount Factors"
November 17 Mike Burkart, Stockholm School of Economics
"Commercial Lending and Input Monitoring"
November 24 Michel A. Robe, School of Business, University of Miami
"How Costly Are Limited Liability Rules?"
December 1 Kristian Rydqvist, Norwegian School of Management
"Tax Options and the Market Value of a Common Adjustment of the Cost Basis"
December 8 Jonathan B. Berk, University of California, Berkeley
"Valuation and Return Dynamics of New Ventures"

All seminars take place Wednesdays 10am in Auditorium 2 unless otherwise indicated


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