Seminar Schedule

of the Department of Financial Economics


Fall 2000

September 27         Martin Holmén, University of Göteborg
                               "A Law and Finance Analysis of Initial Public Offerings"
                          paper (pdf)

October 4                Yrjø Koskinen, Stockholm School of Economics
                                "Corporate Leverage and Currency Crises"
                             paper (pdf)

October 11             Pietro Veronesi, Graduate School of Business - University of Chicago
                                "Inflation and Earnings Uncertainty and the Volatility of Asset Prices: An Empirical Investigation"

October 18             Theo Vermaelen, INSEAD
                                "Debt Spriral Convertables"

October 25*           Geir Bjönnes, BI
                               "Winner's Curse in Discriminatory Price Auctions: Evidence from the Norwegian Treasury Bill Auctions"

November 3*         John Driscoll, Brown University
                                "Does Bank Lending Affect Output? Evidence From the U.S. States"

November 8            Charlotte Strunk Hansen, University of Aarhus
                                "Implied Volatility of Interest Rate Options: An Empirical Investigation of the Market Model"

November 22         Juan Pedro Gomez, BI
                                "Providing Managerial Incentives: Do Benchmarks Matter?"

November 29         Alex Stomper, University of Vienna
                               "A Theory of Banks' Industry Specialization and Industry-Specific Credit Risk"

December 6            Jenke R. Ter Horst, Tilburg University
                              "Evaluating Style Analysis"

December 13         Michel Habib, London Business School
                                "Precluding Asymmetric Information: The Case of Initial Public
                                  Offering Syndicates"

All seminars take place Wednesdays 10am in Auditorium 2 unless otherwise indicated

*Please note different time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm (joint with Economics). 


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