Seminar Schedule

of the Department of Financial Economics


Spring 2000


January 20             Charlotte Østergaard, London School of Economics 

                                "Capital Market Imperfections and Bank's Loan Supply: Does the Structure of the Bank Sector Matter?"


January 26             Dagfinn Rime, University of Oslo and Norwegian School of Management 

                                "Private or Public Information in Foreign Exchange Markets? The Case of Norway"


February 2                Egil Matsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration 

                        "International Deversification, Growth, and Welfare with Non-traded Income Risk and Incomplete Markets"


February 9             Paul Schure, Hebrew University and European University Institute 

                                "Liquidation Risk as a Commitment to Monitor: The Example of Banks"


February 17            Gian Luca Clementi, University of Rochester 

                                "IPOs and the Growth of Firms"


February 28            Vasil Mihov, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University 

                            "Credit Quality, Information Asymmetry, and the Source of Corporate Debt: Evidence from New Debt Issues


March 1                 Jørgen Haug, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration 

                                "Financial Prices with Local Substitution and Distant Compementarity"


March 17                Roni Michaely, Cornell University

                                "Dividends, Share Repurchases, and the Substitution Hypothesis"


March 22                Robert L. McDonald, Northwestern University

                                "Cross-Border Investing with Tax Arbitrage: the Case of German Dividend Tax Credits"


March 29                Kristian Rydqvist, Norwegian School of Management

                        "Ex-Day Behavior with Tax-Exempt Investors and Taxable Security Dealers: The Case of Danish Lottery Bonds"


April 3                   Espen Eckbo, Dartmouth College

                        "Leverage, Liquidity and Long-Run IPO Returns"


April 5                    Ingrid M. Werner, The Ohio State University

                                "Adverse Selection in Dealer's Choice of Interdealer Trading System"


May 3                    Ravi Jagannathan, Northwesten University

                                "Three Methods for Improving the Precision in Covariance Matrix Estimation"


May 11                    Steven Ongena, Tilburg University

                                "The Impact of Bank Consolidation on the Welfare and Behavior of Customers"


June 14                    Geert Bekaert, Stanford University

                                "Expectations Hypotheses Tests"


June 28                    Bernt Arne Ødegaard, Norwegian School of Management

                                "Equity Trading by Institutional Investors: To Cross or Not to Cross?"


August 31             B. Espen Eckbo, Amos Tuck School of Business Administration

                                "Toeholds and Fire-sales in Bankruptcy Auctions"

All seminars take place Wednesdays 10am in Auditorium 2 unless otherwise indicated


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