The Corporate Governance Program

Data base construction

We have collected and organized an electronic data base on corporate governance characteristics which is unique by international standards. The database covers every Norwegian listed firm in the period 1989-2004, which means roughly 120 firms in the beginning of the sample period and 250 firms in the end.

The data base contains firm-specific, monthly observations on the full ownership structure (like ownership concentration, owner type, and insider holdings), board characteristics (like board size, gender mix, tenure, and number of directorships held), the security design (voting and non-voting shares), and the financial policy (capital structure and payout policy). We also have information on each firm's annual accounting figures (balance sheet and P&L), daily stock prices, and several stock-related risk measures.

We have also started constructing a data base for every Norwegian non-listed limited liability firms, which means roughly 30.000 firms per year. The accounting data series (balance sheet and profit and loss statement) starts in 1995, whereas the first year of ownership structure and board composition data is 2000. Establishing two data bases of respectively listed and non-listed firms offers an interesting avenue for comparing firms where differences in governance mechanisms may partly be driven by institutional and regulatory differences. We will complete the contruction of this data base in 2006.