The Corporate Governance Program


The Corporate Governance Program has two overall objectives. The first is to build a high-quality data base on a wide set of corporate governance characteristics of listed and unlisted Norwegian firms. The second objective is to conduct empirical research on the determinants of a firm's corporate governance characteristics and on the relationship between governance characteristics and the firm's behavior as an economic entity. 

The research program, which is headquartered at the Department of Financial Economics, was initiated in 1998. It is sponsored by the Norwegian School of Management BI and was co-sponsored by the Research Council of Norway for the 2003-2005.

As an integrated part of the Corporate Governance Program, the Centre for Corporate Governance Research (CCGR) was established in late 2005 in cooperation with the businesss community and the NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise). The objective of the CCGR is to improve the research-based insight into how the governance of firms influences the welfare of its stakeholders. The CCGR pays special attention to privately owned firms in general and to non-listed firms and family firms in particular.