Ilan Cooper  Associate Professor

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Department of Financial Economics

Room B4-067


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Telephone: +47 4641 0504

Fax number: +47 4641 0801

mobile phone: +47 9529 0528



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Dr. Cooperís main research interests lie at the intersection of asset pricing and real investment under uncertainty. His primary research focuses on the relation between the real side of the economy, namely firmsí decisions as to investing in physical capital and hiring workers, and asset prices dynamics. His current research addresses asset pricing phenomena, in particular the book-to-market effect (stocks of firms that have a high book-to-market ratio, termed value stocks, earn high returns, that some researchers consider anomaly and a puzzle, within the framework of firmís real investment behavior. His research proposes a resolution to this puzzle by demonstrating that value stocks are riskier and therefore their high returns are justified by the high risk of investing in them. Dr. Cooperís research agenda also investigates the relation between market structure and systematic risk. Prior to his academic career he was working at the Bank of Israel.


Research Interests

Real options, theoretical and empirical asset pricing, economic fluctuations.





Theory of Finance and Investments





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